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Congratulations to the following skaters who made the podium at Ayr Open.
Heather McBain 1st beg ladies 13 and over
Ben Gilmour 2nd Beg men
Zoe templeton 1st lvl 1 ladies 11 and under
Caitlin Mitchell 3rd lvl 1 ladies 12 over
Katie Johnston 1st lvl 2 ladies

Ayr Open 2014 results available @

Ayr Open2014 page

AYR FIGURE SKATING CLUB WOULD LIKE TO THANK ARCHERS BEDS FOR THEIR SPONSORSHIP. http://www.archerssleepcentre.co.uk/all-stars-sponsorship-30.html
Archers Beds


All parents are warmly invited to participate in the day to day operation of the club, perhaps by helping in the tuck-shop or by playing the music.  Help is also very much appreciated at the club competitions and events.  If you can help in any way please talk to any of the committee member.

For further information please contact one of our committee members.

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Contact for visiting skaters: Helen Somerville somerville_uk@btinternet.com